Happy National High Five Day! To celebrate here’s a #throwback to Milo first learning to give #highfives βœ‹

Can’t even say the word ‘brushing’ without getting this look of concern.

Couldn’t resist ordering Milo his own personalized #pridebites! It looks just like him!

Another day another #CNtower shot

Getting pampered by Grandma is the best.

Busy busy Milo.

Having loads of fun on #nationalpetday! How ‘bout you? 🐢🐱🐭🐹🐰

Thinking about things and stuffs… (at Trinity Bellwoods Park)

L’il Milo and his l’il shadow enjoying today’s sunshine

Sad puppy face…oh wait, that’s just a piece of string. 😐 #snoopingunderthetable #stuffinmybeard #miloakavacuum